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“Why is it that you're so determind to become Hokage? Because you want all eyes in your village to look on you and recognize you as a great ninja. You see that it is only through the eyes of others that our little lives have any significance, when there is no one who sees you or will even look at you it is as if you do not exist.”
― Haku ( Naruto )

“I kept on pushing you away from me. I didn’t want to involve you. But now I think that maybe you could’ve been the one to change our father, mother and the Uchiha. If only I had faced you properly from the start, and talked to you from the same point of view… but I failed, and now even if I tell you all this, it won’t reach you. That’s why I will only tell you a part of the truth. Even if you don’t forgive me… no matter what you do from now on, I will always love you.”

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